Leading Interviews: Women’s Voices on Screen with Deanne Weir & Tosca Looby

In this episode of Leading Interviews, our chair Carol Schwartz AO discusses the feature documentary Strong Female Lead’ with former media lawyer turned screen producer, investor, and company director Deanne Weir and film director/producer Tosca Looby.

‘Strong Female Lead’ is a film about the shape and sound of sexism in Australian politics by Sydney-based company Northern Pictures who are behind Love on the Spectrum and See What You Made Me Do.

The film was made in lockdown last year and tells the story of our first and still our only female PM Julia Gillard’s time in office through media archival footage, and looks at the way the media, the public and her colleagues responded to her during her time of leadership.

It is a well-made, powerful, and infuriating film it. Many have expressed that they felt tears of rage during the viewing and watching the film step out a timeline that presented so many shocking and disrespectful behaviors, and from so many corners of our society.

In Julia Gillard’s official response to the film, she said:

Being Australia’s first female Prime Minister will always remain the greatest honour of my life.

“I live my life according to the mantra we can’t change the past, but we can change the future.

“That doesn’t mean the historical record is irrelevant, because it is only by analysing it that we can glean the lessons that will help us shape the best tomorrow.

“The Strong Female Lead documentary will play a positive role if it is watched in that spirit and spurs more gender equality activism.”

We encourage everyone to watch the film – now showing on SBS on Demand – and to consider ‘the ways its lessons can help us shape the best tomorrow.’

Please enjoy this behind-the-scenes Leading Interviews discussion with Tosca and Deanne and share it with your friends and networks.

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