“In too many boardrooms and business meetings, I’ve been the sole woman – witnessing the gaps that emerge when women are unrepresented. Untapped potential and diverse perspectives remain outside those doors.

This isn’t just about women; it’s about creating a more inclusive, responsive and collaborative society. It’s about making better decisions so we can better address our collective needs.

That’s why I founded the Women’s Leadership Institute of Australia, a not-for-profit organisation focused on growing the critical mass of diverse women leaders – because I firmly believe that shared power and decision-making between men and women leads to better outcomes for all Australians.

Our levers for change

We see politics, media, policymaking and capital as pivotal engines for propelling gender equality forward.

So, we focus on high-impact investments, strategic partnerships & groundbreaking research in these four influential spheres.

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We back extraordinary female leaders – because we know what value they bring.

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And let’s continue to build a diverse and gender equal Australia together.

Best wishes,

Carol Schwartz AO

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