Dr Rebecca Huntley is one of Australia’s foremost researchers on social trends. With degrees in law and film studies, and a PhD in Gender Studies, she has lead research at Essential Media and Vox Populi and was a director at Ipsos Australia. For several years, she ran her own research and consultancy firm working closely with climate and environment NGOs, government and business on climate change strategy and communication. She is now Director of Research at the agency 89DegreesEast.

In collaboration with Plan International Australia, Rebecca has been an integral part of building the Gender Compass – a groundbreaking research project segmenting the Australian public into six groups according to their beliefs, policy preferences and behaviours regarding gender equality.

Writing regularly for The Monthly, Australian Traveller Magazine, The Guardian and the SMH, Rebecca is also the author of numerous books including How to Talk About Climate Change in a Way that Makes a Difference (Murdoch books, 2020).

Her board and advisory positions include Australian Parents for Climate Action, the Climate Solutions Centre at the Australian Museum and the Sydney Environment Institute, The Bell Shakespeare Company, The Whitlam Institute and The Dusseldorp Forum.

She was an adjunct senior lecturer at the School of Social Sciences at The University of New South Wales. She is a registered Commonwealth marriage celebrant. She is the mother of three girls and lives in Sydney.

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