Dr Elise Stephenson is a multi award-winning gender researcher with an entrepreneurial background. She is Deputy Director at the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership, Australian National University and her work focuses on intervening at critical junctures to be at the forefront of projects on gender, sexuality and leadership.

As a political scientist and international relations scholar, Elise focuses on research in frontier international affairs, from researching space policy, to politics and government, diplomacy, national security, intelligence, AI, climate and the Asia Pacific. In addition to her research, she is the curator of multiple women’s and youth leadership and entrepreneurship programs across Southeast Asia, including the Australia-ASEAN Council’s flagship program, the Australia-ASEAN Emerging Leaders Program.

Elise was recently awarded the 2022 Fulbright Scholarship funded by Monash University for her research on diversity in space, and her book The Face of the Nation: Women in International Affairs will be published with Oxford University Press.

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