Leading Interviews ‘Women for Media – Take the Next Steps’ with Dr Jenna Price

This Leading Interviews episode was recorded as part of the ‘Women for Media – Take the Next Steps’ report launch featuring a conversation between Carol Schwartz AO, Founding Chair of the Women’s Leadership Institute, and report co-author, journalist, and academic Dr Jenna Price.

The significant new report by Dr Jenna Price with Dr Blair Williams, is the fifth and most comprehensive report in the Women for Media series, which began in 2012 and examines the role of women’s voices in the media. The report 2021 report combines quantitative and qualitative analysis of more than 60,000 articles across the month of May 2021, plus in-depth interviews with leading figures in the media landscape.

“While the findings of this 2021 report demonstrate that we still have quite a way to go, I am buoyed by a shift in attitude and commitment from Australian media management. Almost everyone interviewed agreed that diversity and gender equality in our news coverage is important to address – especially when considering the purpose of our media and the role it has in fairly representing and supporting Australian people now, and into the future. Many are now trialing ways to tackle this, and learning from positive progress elsewhere.” WLIA Founding Chair, Carol Schwartz AO

Share the report: https://www.wlia.org.au/women-for-media-2021

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