Leading Interviews: The Glass Cliff with Prof Michelle Ryan

In this episode of Leading Interviews, our founding chair Carol Schwartz AO speaks with Professor Michelle Ryan, the inaugural director of the Global Institute of Women’s Leadership, at the Australian National University.

ANU is the first sister institute of Global Institute of Women’s Leadership (GIWL) based at King’s College in London, founded and chaired by former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

The institute aims to create a world where being a woman is not a barrier to becoming a leader in any field.

Michelle coined the term, the glass cliff – a term that has since entered the public discourse. The New York Times named the glass cliff as one of the top 100 ideas that shaped 2008. And it was Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2016.

In this episode, they discuss organizational psychology and themes discovered when researching women’s leadership, including the coining of the term glass cliff; the plans for the GIWL in Australia the Asia Pacific region, and international travel during a pandemic.

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