Gender Compass

Created by Plan International Australia and Rebecca Huntley, Gender Compass is a game-changing audience segmentation tool. For the first time, we have a unified approach to understanding and communicating with six different segments of the Australian public about gender equality. The Trawalla Foundation and Women’s Leadership Institute Australia have been proud to support this work, both with funding and as part of the steering committee.

Inquiry into Economic Equity for Victorian Women

In July 2021, the Victorian Government initiated an independent Inquiry into Economic Equity for Victorian Women, led by a panel chaired by Carol Schwartz AO. This panel, including members Liberty Sanger AOM and James Fazzino, submitted a comprehensive report with 31 recommendations and 26 findings in January 2022. The report aims to enhance women’s economic equity and workplace participation, drawing from input from diverse stakeholders, including government, private, academic, and community sectors, unions, and advocacy groups.

Panel Pledge

In 2012, WLIA joined with the Champions of Change Coalition and Chief Executive Women to launch the Panel Pledge in support of gender diversity at every public forum. Calling on influential male and female leaders to query the gender balance of panels and/or conferences they are requested to participate in or sponsor, this simple insistence has been a catalyst for significant improvements in this sphere.”